Just like David vs. Goliath we see the opportunities to win that others don’t. His expert eye, critical thinking and agility helped him topple the giant - thanks also to his trusty Slingshot!
You can rely on a Slingshot too!
By identifying the opportunities to win in media and marketing that others fail to see, we propel our clients forward; getting them further and faster than they thought possible.

Slingshot: propelling brands and people further, faster.

About Us

Slingshot is specialist agency in the most literal sense.

We choose to focus our experience and expertise on a select cluster of categories only. We call this cluster ‘Home Enhancement Products’. We focus like this because we believe it’s crucial to have an intimate knowledge of a category to be able to win within it. With deep knowledge you can pinpoint the areas of opportunity best able to be exploited through smart media strategy. We think of ourselves as natives in our client’s categories – not tourists. Our in-depth category knowledge, combined with creative strategies (and a little dash of cunning) has enabled us to craft winning strategies for some of Australia’s best-known brands.

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Our People

When you work with us, you’ll have access to some of the country’s most experienced leadership teams. That team works closely with the broader agency team that brings a wealth of exuberance, passion and dedication to deliver above and beyond expectations.

Simon Rutherford

Simon Rutherford

Chief Executive Office & Partner
Steve Douglas

Steve Douglas

Chief Operations Officer & Partner
Simon Corbett

Simon Corbett

Chief Innovation Officer & Partner
Lisa Overall

Lisa Overall

Head of Strategy

Kristy Faulkner

Head of Investment
Sally Powell

Sally Powell

Head of Creative Solutions
Sylvia Stempak

Sylvia Stempak

Financial Controller
Kaia Weber

Kaia Webber

Business Director
Anna Magliano

Anna Magliano

Group Business Director

Our Services

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Strategy & Insight

Good strategy is about making tough decisions. It’s as much about what you don’t do as what you do. Each and every brief goes through the Slingshot senior leadership team, this ensures we get to the heart of the problem quickly. We then use simple frameworks so that it’s actionable, easy to understand and can be communicated to other stakeholders.

Media Buying & Implementation

In implementation we look beyond budgets. Every brand has assets, including data, distribution networks, digital infrastructure, ambassadors, point of sale, content, etc. We unlock and leverage these assets by identifying their value to others. We then build them into negotiations extracting and maximising their value. When it comes to buying, a partnership with the Aegis Dentsu Group brings significant clout to the table. Slingshot’s combined value approach and buying leverage gets our clients further, faster.

Data & Analytics

We can drive growth by unlocking the power of data. Excessive costs, knowledge, time and resource however can make it hard to know where to start. This is where we help. We have created a unique suite of products that can help you get started faster, no matter where you are in your data journey. And we’ve developed our products to allow us to reduce costs to you make data a core part of your marketing activity.

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Creative Solutions

It has been called a creative department, an advertising department, a production department, a content creation department. The reality is, it’s a little bit of each. When you need a creative solution that is going to bring your media strategy to life and take your brand further, faster, we can work with your agency….. or as your agency. This collaborative and flexible approach means the creative solutions for your campaigns are time efficient, cost efficient and most importantly easy for your team to implement.

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Social & Content

The true art and science lies in the marriage of Content & Amplification, leveraging the array of opportunities across both, to maximise the reach, engagement and influence we can deliver. Too often we see brands creating lots of content with no clear Strategic approach, meaning a lot of great content being seen by no one. We have a unique approach that will delivers a clear strategic purpose and approach to Content and Social that will drive ROI.

Direct Response

We no longer live in a desktop world, yet many ‘performance’ campaigns still adopt the old rules. Very few brands live in a digital only world meaning we need to think beyond digital algorithms and understand the impact of other factors on our performance activity. We look beyond the last click, we look at full cross-channel contribution and conversion paths, and we do it all with a transparent approach to media.

Our Values

We can only experience how someone is feeling if we “walk a mile in their shoes”. If we stop, actively listen, and be aware, we can better understand and support each other.
Questions help us understand and define the problem. Questions come from Curiosity. A relentless desire to know more, understand deeply, and see things differently.
We need to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. That means creating an environment in which we can have safe, honest and open conversations. We need to hear, see and speak the truth.
To deliver on our vision we are constantly “challenge what’s possible”. That means things will get hard. Where others give up because it’s getting hard, we keep going.
We want to kill complexity. In the way we think, the way we talk, and the way you experience working with us. “Say it simply” - says it all.

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