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We take brands, ideas and people to places previously thought impossible
Some of our work

The Lion King

We set records for theatre ticket sales and created entirely new media formats.

Muffin Break Your Daily Cup

How can a national coffee chain make every cup personal?

NPS MedicineWise

Empowering Australians to make better medicine choices. Two time MFA award winner (incl. best strategic launch campaign).

SONY “This is it”

Branded content – the creation of a Michael Jackson tribute event that generated $6.2 million in media value from a small budget.

3M Post It Note

MFA award finalist. The development of a long-term platform for environmentally responsible products for 3M.

SONY Terminator Salvation

Three time MFA award finalist. Bringing the ‘Man versus machine’ essence of the movie to life in broadcast channels via a series of channel takeovers.
We are solution focused and service orientated


Slingshot is a young independent full service media and digital agency. We solve business problems with a filter of communications. As such, we don’t just develop media strategy, implement and negotiate. We find different ways to make our client’s look and feel much bigger than their media budgets alone would allow.


We look beyond budgets. Every brand has assets, including data, distribution networks, digital infrastructure, ambassadors, point of sale, content, etc. we unlock and leverage these assets by identifying their value to others. We then build them into strategy, extracting and maximising their value.


We have a very experienced and unique full service offering, spanning media strategy, data insights and modelling, content creation and production project management, a full service digital offering and media buying via Australia’s largest media buyer Aegis Dentsu.


“Slingshot are open-minded, good to work with, energetic and interested in innovation” 
June 2012: mUmbrella Media Agency Review

Management Team



Simon (Ruthers) is one of Australia’s most awarded media strategists. His experience leveraging some of the largest and acclaimed multi-year sponsorships including the Cricket and Big Brother has resulted in several MFA awards. Prior to Slingshot he was strategic lead on the KFC account for 10 years and managing director of Australia’s most awarded strategy agency bellamyhayden.



Steve has extensive media negotiation & buying experience built from senior media owner (TV, magazines and Newspapers) and agency roles, including being responsible for master media negotiations and the product development and launch of 2 magazines. He founded and ran a successful boutique strategy and buying agency for 10 years prior to launching Slingshot.


Strategy Chief and Partner

Simon (Corbs) has a long and prestigious career in digital, including owning and selling his own digital publishing business, steering Amnesia (now Amnesia Razorfish) to two consecutive ‘Interactive Agency of the Year’ awards as general manager and roles as head of digital at two of Australia’s leading strategic planning agencies Naked Communications and bellamyhayden.


Strategy Director (Data)

Lisa has multifaceted experience with 17 years in creative and media agencies and media owners in strategy, account planning and research roles. Her work has been recognised as an MFA winner (x2) finalist (x7) and Cannes Media Lion finalist. Lisa has headed up clients such as Westfield, GSK, Sony, 3M, BMW, Singapore Airlines, to name but a few.

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Contact Information

Please get in touch with Simon or Steve for additional information about Slingshot.


Email address: info@slingshotmedia.com.au
Phone: 02 9262 7575
Address: Level 11, 68 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000


Email address: angela@slingshot.com.au
Phone: 03 9988 2041
Address: Level 6, 126 Wellington Parade,
East Melbourne VIC 3002


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