Michael Jackson: ‘This Is It’ DVD

We had a combination of a modest budget and an enormous business goal of units to sell. To secure record unit sales of Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ DVD we had to go all in…and boy did we!

We spent almost the entire budget on an exclusive VIP tribute concert in Sydney prior to the DVD release. We got Jackie Jackson there (brother of Michael), Molly Meldrum, Delta Goodrem, and Guy Sebastian. With live performances and interviews it was a night of celebration that was covered by almost every news outlet in the country. The event received $6.2M in media value (an ROI of 850%). The DVD was the 4th highest selling DVD in Sony history.

Terminator Salvation is the story of HUMAN VS. MACHINE

We asked ourselves…if the movie plot happened in real life how would it play out? The machines would take over the channels of influence e.g. News broadcasts, and they would push their propaganda onto the unexpecting public. So we worked with Foxtel to take over their broadcasts. On release day a FOX SPORTS NEWS FLASH! Appeared on peoples screens. However Fox News had rebranded subtly to ‘Skynet News’. The presenter Melanie McGloughlan (now a machine) had taken over the channel. As she turns away from the camera you see the wires and circuits in the back of her head! People went crazy…and so did sales of Terminator Salvation.

Secret Life of Pets

To showcase the launch of the Christmas blockbuster ‘Secret Life of Pets’ we marketed directly to pet owners and their pets by leveraging the Christmas ritual of a photo with Santa! In the run up to Christmas we partnered with Westfield BrandSpace to give pet owners the chance to get a picture of their (naughty or nice) furry friends taken on Santa’s lap. If they then shared the picture on Universal Sony’s social platforms they stood the chance to win a Westfield gift voucher.

Spider-Man: Homecoming™

Ultimately what does Spiderman do? He helps people when
they most need it. Therefore, we ran a competition for people in Sydney and Melbourne to have Spider-Man turn up at their door and tackle the stuff that they needed help with via AirTasker and Pedestrian TV. We are talking lawn mowing, posting unwanted stuff on eBay, the works. Spidey turned up and got stuff done. We captured all the content and exploded it across social and the Pedestrian network.