Data Audit and Health Check

Data Audit and Health Check

We talk to clients every day who want to put their data to better use. Most however, don’t even know what they’ve got to work with. Our Data Audit is the starting point to help clients understand what data is available, where it sits, and how it can be unlocked.


We have also created a Data Health Check that we use in conjunction with the Data Audit. This helps our clients understand their strengths and weaknesses, from which we can then identify where to start.


Market Prioritisation

We know audiences in different markets behave differently. Demographics, purchase habits, passions and interests all differ. However, we also need to realise that responsiveness to advertising and communications also differs. We’ve created a tool that takes all these factors into account and identifies the areas of greatest opportunity for your business.

Impact and Predictive Modelling


In a fragmented media world, understanding the ROI of your marketing investment has never been more important. We often look at results and reports in isolation, without being able to compare all of our activity at a holistic level. This is where Impact Modelling comes in. We identify all of the variables that contribute to a sale. Price, Distribution, Media Spend, Marketing Activity and External Factors such as Weather and Interest Rates. Our semi-automated tool then isolates the contribution of each factor to a sale and determines the ROI of each activity.


We then apply our Predictive Modelling tool to more accurately test future investment scenarios, allowing you to more accurately predict the impact of your marketing activity for the year ahead.

Insight 360


With multiple media and marketing campaigns in market, owned assets driving audience engagement, and relentless traffic and sales data, it can be hard to stay on top of it all. That’s why we’ve created Impact 360.


This online analytics platform provides both an overview and more granular analysis of media and marketing activity, including campaign delivery by channel. From a media perspective, Impact 360 includes investment to date by channel, tracking, delivery and key performance metrics, at a publisher and placement level.