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What would Mickey Mouse do?

One of the biggest roadblocks when coming up with new ideas or creative solutions to problems is stepping out of our usual mindset and seeing things from different angles. Same mindset = same boring, old ideas and solutions. This is one of my favourite tricks to get past that. I choose 5 or 6 characters […]

At Ben & Jerry’s, ice cream innovation persevered through the pandemic

2020 was Ben and Jerrys’ most #innovative year yet, creating 40 new flavours. Here’s how they became a market leader during crisis. https://fortune.com/longform/ben-and-jerrys-ice-cream-new-flavors-research-and-development-topped/

Pet food, treat packaging innovations leading the pack

Over recent years, pet food packaging has significantly evolved. As with human fare, the branding and packaging style of pet food has become part of the dining experience in its own right. Some interesting examples here. https://www.petfoodprocessing.net/articles/14543-pet-food-treat-packaging-innovations-leading-the-pack

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