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What do inclusive companies all have in common?

A HBR study of 19,000 of its readers has highlighted the fundamental role that a culture of learning plays in elevating diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Environments that promote innovation, psychological safety and upskilling are also places where inclusion thrives. A good read.

The Wrong Way to Respond to Employee Activism

What’s your company’s policy on employee activism? Does it have one? Younger generations are increasingly ready to put their loyalty where their values are, and talent retention in the future of work will rely on brands aligning and responding to this.

The Darker Side of Organisational Life

A must read for anyone actually serious about changing their culture for the better. A refreshingly frank perspective on organisational culture, and the deeply entrenched attitudes that keep some in, and others out. Change may be messy and disruptive, but is nonetheless essential.

How to coach your leadership team to greatness

To scale a business, leaders need to foster an environment that promotes high performance, not just model expected behaviour. It’s a bold move for managers to set out to make themselves replaceable, but ultimately, this is the legacy of great leadership.

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