Conversations with Corbs #5 AI

Even though many see it as the antithesis of creative, AI might actually soon be a creative’s best friend. There are some pretty obvious applications for the tech from an advertising point of view – more precise targeting, live analytics and whatnot. But this is where it gets interesting. One of the great challenges creatives face is they don’t truly know how good their ideas are until they hit consumers’ screens. Sometimes we love an idea but it goes nowhere, sometimes what feel like more average ideas blow results out of the water. That’s where AI can come in. What if you could predict how well your ad is going to perform before it goes live? With millions of data points on engagement for every variation of past ads you’ve run – the headline, the music, the colour palette – it’s not hard to imagine a tool that could factor in every element of an ad and spit out its chances of performing well before publishing it. Not only that, but also give us specific data on what types of things we should be including into our ads before we even develop them. Not only would we have the certainty that the ads we’re creating will perform better, but it would also help us accelerate the creative process by making decision-making easier. AI doesn’t have to make creative irrelevant, but can actually make creative an even brighter shining star in every campaign.

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