Monthly Archives: June 2022

Conversations with Corbs #6 Simplicity

Whether it’s about content or leadership; simplicity should always be the goal to strive towards. Simplicity creates clarity. When leaders speak with simplicity, their message is easily understood. The same thing happens with content. Creating simple strategies clarifies our mission and, hopefully, reduces mistakes. So the million-dollar question is: How? How do we become more […]

Conversations with Corbs #5 AI

Even though many see it as the antithesis of creative, AI might actually soon be a creative’s best friend. There are some pretty obvious applications for the tech from an advertising point of view – more precise targeting, live analytics and whatnot. But this is where it gets interesting. One of the great challenges creatives […]

Conversations with Corbs #4 Connectivity

Do we live in a culture of deep individualism? It certainly seems so. This is why leaders today need to embrace the inherent interconnectedness of everyone and everything. While we may seem more divided and self-serving than ever, digital technology has illustrated just how connected we are as a society and how similar we are […]