Conversations with Corbs #3 Meditation

In our busy lives, it’s easy to get bogged down by many things – “Got to workout more, eat better, get this strategy right!”. And that’s completely normal, but when it comes to “doing our thing” – the search for great, creative #ideas – all that noise can get in the way. So how do we allow our #creativethoughts to bubble up to the surface? I recently read a great analogy. Let’s picture the mind as a lake, where everyday thoughts are pebbles tossed into the water. More thoughts create more ripples and, before we know it, the lake is no longer still. Beneath the ripples, in the deeper end of the lake, is where our creative thoughts lie. The more pebbles, the harder it gets to dig deep and pick out those golden nuggets. It’s not for everyone but a great tool to filter out this noise is #meditation. It creates the stillness and clarity that allows us to access our creative inspiration, giving it the space it needs to float to the top. That’s precisely why it seems like our most creative thoughts often surface as we’re drifting off – that’s when we momentarily let go of daily stressors and allow our best ideas to surface. #creativity #creativeideas #mentalhealth

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