Conversations with Corbs #2 Simplicity

One of the most effective ways to bring more order to your life is focus on simplifying every aspect of it. However, the problem for many is that keeping it simple often becomes very difficult. Why? Because sometimes our basic nature is to over-complicate everything we touch. Here’s a Leo DaVinci quote that has always stuck with me: “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” And the subtle rules of simplicity can (and should) be applied to leadership. When thinking about the people I admire the most, they often possess the uncanny ability to take the most complicated of issues and simplify them. You will find that the best leaders, communicators, teachers, innovators, etc., have a true knack for taking extremely complex, dense, or intricate content and making it engaging and easy to understand. Contemporary matters in the workplace like #diversity, new #tech, and #digitalisation might seem overly complicated. But with complex issues, a great #leader finds simple solutions and makes the complex digestible, actionable, inspiring and achievable. #simplicity #leadership #companyculture

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