Conversations with Corbs #1 Fun

If you’re cracking your head, stressed out because you can’t seem to work out an or #idea for a project, you might be doing everything wrong. Rule number one in the #creativeprocess – have fun! At its core, #creativity is only a branch of playing, and a big part of that is having #fun. When you do, great ideas come to life – and that same feeling is transmitted on to the audience. To be more practical (or in case you’ve forgotten what fun is), let’s define “fun” real fast. “There are three psychological states of fun: playfulness, connection, and flow… when people experience these three states at once — when they have true fun — the effects that they report are almost magical”. True, we can’t always be in that state of bliss with the natural unavoidable pressures in work. But there’s always ways to help create a more fun environment at work. At Slingshot, for example, our office is designed with several different themes (including my favourite, the “laundry room”), to inspire a few different moods but also to remind our team to have fun and enjoy the process. Naturally, the culture and people you choose to hire, all also play a key role in creating a fun work environment.

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