The beauty of design thinking

You know what I love about #designthinking? Unlike many #innovation frameworks it starts with the most important thing of all – understanding the #customer.

The problem with most #creative ideas and innovations is we are inherently hopelessly biased to like our own ideas. Someone might think a business idea along the lines of “the Uber of Beer” or the “Amazon of Flowers” will transform the world, only to find, customers aren’t all that fussed about their current method for procuring beer and flowers.

In its purest form, design thinking forbids coming up with any ideas until a problem has been identified.

And what do you do to identify the problem? Study customers in a certain industry. Deeply. Immerse yourself in their day-to-day, experience what they experience when they buy a beer or some flowers. Or by jump in a few online groups and forums and understand what their frustrations and dreams are. Talk directly to the customers as one of their own.

Once you’ve immersed yourself in their world, the problems to be solved will be crystal clear. And everyone know’s – it’s much easier to find a solution to a #problem when you have a great problem to solve.

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