Talent…… and how to keep it.

Williams International’s Nick Williams was recently reported in Mumbrella as capturing part of the problem with the #talent market in the #adindustry well, “those that wanted to move have moved – the majority of the rest are happy where they are and that is making it even harder to get the right talent.” This reinforces the importance of ditching band-aid solutions like #poaching for sustainable ones. I recently pointed out the benefits of #promotingfromwithin – but when going to market is unavoidable, tapping into diverse and unconventional talent pools is another option, and one likely to benefit the industry overall in a few years from now.

The key question – how do you stand out and make your organisation one that’s attractive to fresh talent?

1) Offer genuine #learninganddevelopment opportunities. In a time when #productivity is being so closely scrutinised, understand that the investment now will deliver results in the very near future.

2) Hiring talent who don’t meet every bullet point on the job ad – or, even better, the ones who seem like a bit of a gamble. The more we invest in new perspectives and backgrounds, the richer our output will be.

3) Lean in meaningfully to build up #workplaceculture. A pay check will reel talent in – culture will keep them on your ship.

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