Have you got a secret sauce?

Relatable. One of the secret ingredients in the special McAdvertising sauce.

Same goes for the best jokes – in fact, even the best memes. 90% of online humour today is simply a graphical representation of a situation, thought or action that is relatable (more often than not enacted by cats, for some reason…). And the fact is they are pretty damn funny.

Same principle applies to many great ad campaigns. The ones that usually resonate the most with me are not flashy, salesy “this is what my awesome product does” messages, but a simple, relatable story where, almost by coincidence, the product is the hero.

When you get started in this world, you’re often asked “what’s the insight”. All that really means is – how are you making this relatable? The best way to find that out is usually spend some time with your consumer (ideally while consuming a similar product) or becoming a consumer yourself.

If not possible, a good amount of research and data are usually a good starting point.

Great insight = great ad. So put in the work and spoon in a good amount of the secret sauce.

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