Keep it simple

Keep it simple, stupid. One of my main principles when judging a great #campaign or idea, is the #simplicity of it. Is the insight easy to grasp and understand? Is the #communication of it immediately obvious (while still creating a delightful “aha” moment for the audience)? Is it impactful without needing a whole long-winded explanation? We live in a very non-simple world, so simplicity stands out. Particularly when it comes to #advertising and communications. Now, don’t get me wrong. Something simple shouldn’t be boring, obvious or basic, but rather immediately effective and centred around a clear, impactful insight. One of my favourite brands when it comes to simple yet effective campaigns is WWF. For years, they have been pushing animal rights and #sustainability messages in visually striking, ingeniously simple ways, with sharp, focused messages. The ad below is one of my favourite examples. The insight is simple – climate change is leaving polar bears and other species without a home. The execution? Brilliant. Classic case of an image tells a thousand words. One glance and the whole weight of the key message is delivered with impact and little need for guessing the meaning of it. That’s the exact type of work I strive to achieve with our #team.

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