What would Mickey Mouse do?

One of the biggest roadblocks when coming up with new ideas or creative solutions to problems is stepping out of our usual mindset and seeing things from different angles. Same mindset = same boring, old ideas and solutions. This is one of my favourite tricks to get past that. I choose 5 or 6 characters or people. No rules – you could go with Barack Obama, Lionel Messi and even fictional characters like Mickey Mouse. Then go back to your problem or brief and think – what would they do? How would Mickey Mouse advertise this new toothpaste? What would Lionel Messi’s approach be? Any different ideas from Obama? Winston Churchill? You get the idea. This forces you to see a problem from a few different perspectives. None of these might end up being your final big idea, but they will surely open up your mind beyond your usual thought patterns – and that right there is the creative sweet spot. Food for thought.

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