Meet ...

Simon Rutherford

Chief Executive Officer & Partner

Meet Ruthers. CEO. Holistic, detail focused and warm. Ruthers is a Slinger because he cares as much about the clients business as he does about ours.

Steve Douglas

Chief Operating Officer & Partner

Meet Steve. COO. Risk averse, vigilant and fun. Steve is a Slinger because he knows the importance of running a tight ship and that means the crew can focus on the destination.

Simon Corbett

Chief Innovation Officer & Partner

Meet Corbs. CIO. Creative, interested and cheeky. Corbs is a Slinger because he knows that a stimulated mind generates great work that makes a difference.

Lisa Overall

Head of Strategy

Meet Lisa. Head of Strategy. Analytical, forensic and kind. Lisa is a Slinger because she does what it takes to get to the heart of the problem and takes no prisoners in the pursuit of the solution.

Kristy Faulkner

Head of Investment

Meet Kristy. Head of Investment. Honest, attentive and willing. Kristy is a Slinger because she has the attitude, skill and energy to ensure that negotiations – big or small – are done respectfully and successfully.

Rohan Mehrotra

Head of Ad Technology

Meet Rohan. Head of Ad Technology. Autonomous, ambitious and confident. Rohan is a Slinger because he is always looking for new and inventive ways to deliver digital results. He is a programmatic pioneer and evangelist.

Sally Powell

Head of Creative Solutions

Meet Sally. Head of Creative Solutions. Determined, resilient and loud. Sal is a Slinger because she never loses sight of what the client needs to achieve and has a thousand ways of ensuring that they do.

Molly Blacker

Strategy Director

Meet Molly. Strategy Director. Insightful, spirited and wise beyond her years. Molly is a Slinger because she is multi-skilled and combines expertise so she can spot those little nuggets that lead to amazing insight for our clients.

Andrea Batista

Digital Director

Meet Dre. Digital Director. Creative, tech savvy and fun. Dre is a Slinger because she loves to explore all things digital, find new trends and technologies. Her innate vision allows her to see things that others don’t and come up with answers to problems others can’t.

Susan Axford

Associate Business Director

Meet Susan. Associate Business Director. Humble, detail focused and passionate. Susan is a Slinger because she is constantly learning and testing herself. Her clients absolutely love her because she delivers, always!